About Us

The New Fibromyalgia Support Group was started in May of 2010 by Jackie Witkowski, who is also the support group facilitator. The support group was started out of the need for people with fibromyalgia to connect and interact with each other.   In addition to offering social support, it was found that continuing education was also needed.  Friendship, support and education were the overall basis for the support group.

The focus on the group is not always on fibromyalgia itself, but rather on learning to live with the disorder.  Sometimes visiting speakers may have a unique or laid back approach instead of a clinical program.  However, all the programs offer something different for everybody.

The group is open to everyone. There is no age limit and it is not necessary to be a YMCA member.  Family members, spouses/partners, friends and people in the medical community are encouraged to attend.

Presently there are several couples in the support group and we welcome others to join them!  We are currently looking for young women with fibromyalgia (ages 20 to 35) who are interested in joinging a new support group.  If you are interested, please contact Jackie at 585-752-1562.

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